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Product Story

Vural Vodka is the only organic certified vintage vodka in the world, made from organically grown wheat and the high-purity spring water of the primary rock, unfiltered with 30-fold distillation, in Austria.
Unlike the other vodka varieties, Vural Vodka is pure and can be enjoyed at 16-18 ° C.


The goal:
To bring a unique quality vodka, whose taste always remains constant and thus at the highest level, to the market - a vodka, as it does not exist even in the motherland of the vodka. In order to meet this high standard, it was not only the best ingredients - selected organic wheat and purest rock water - needed, but also the development of a fundamentally new technology. The concept of Vural Vodka is very similar to the production process of fine wines.


The ingredients:
Best organic wheat and best primal rock water. Do not worry at first. The wheat used for Vural Vodka comes exclusively from organic farming. Only the best organic wheat in Austria makes it into the bottle. The quality requirements for Vural Vodka are so high that only one-seventh of an organic harvest is selected on average and further processed into vintage vodka. Vodka means translated as little as little water. So it is not surprising that the water used is another secret for the quality, as well as the fresh, full-bodied yet mild taste of the vodka. The water for Vural Vodka comes from a spring that lies in the middle of a nature reserve in the lower Mühlviertel. It originates from a soil formation of primary rock and is particularly rich in minerals and low in lime. The mineral content has enormous effects on the mouthfeel and taste.


The preparation:
30 times distilled - instead of filtered and ruined. Thirtyfold distillation replaces conventional filtration. Unlike other vodka makers whose brand names existed before the revolution or the Soviet era, Vural Vodka's makers strive to show that this vodka is a product of the future that saw the world at the same time as the 21st century completely new production method of this traditional Russian drink presented. The excellent quality and unique concept of Vural Vodka have been developed following the example of winemaking. Vural Vodka is hand-distilled in small quantities in a six-month manufacturing process, with great care, heart and attention to detail. After bottling, Vural Vodka rests in the bottle for 1 year, maintaining its maturity and balance. So you can taste the purity and the typical character of the wheat. Vuralka Vodka has a pleasant sweetness and is characterized by a pronounced softness and mildness on the palate. Thus, Vural Vodka is the world's first and so far only vintage vodka with the year on the bottle, and this in the highest organic quality. Connoisseurs appreciate Vural Vodka as an unlikely soft, surprising drink of the highest quality.


Vural Koca
bon vivant, visionary and vodka expert.
If a vodka can only be as good as the man behind it, Vural Vodka is the best you can get! When Vural Koca opened his KGB bar in Freiburg in 2004 after studying economics, he is considered an ambassador of good vodka taste. With a range of 480 varieties from over 35 countries, Vural Koca set the record for the largest vodka selection in the world.


A vodka for dreamers and visionaries.
Vural Vodka convinces with its incomparable character not only Vodkaspezialisten. Vural Vodka is a pleasure drink that brings together the friends of the special. The sweet scent makes it clear that this is a special vodka. The sweet grain rises immediately in the nose and harmonizes wonderfully with subtle citrus and berry notes. Also a touch of the smell of wet stones and a fine salt note are slightly spicy in the smell. The scent is rounded off by a hint of vanilla. This complex, sweet-spicy impression continues in taste. Sweet cereals, vanilla and a hint of citrus aroma are mild on the tongue. In addition, notes of dark berry and chocolate that remind of chocolate-covered cherries. The texture is slightly oily. In the lingering finish nuances of nut and spices are revealed.


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