Teliani Valley - Chacha Barrel


    Golden Chacha, 42%


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    "Chacha" - popular georgian grapes vodka, is produced of distillate, produced in accordance to the ancient traditional technology. Aged in oak cask, the drink is very aromatic, where you’ll feel vanilla, honey cake and nut aromas. It is full-bodied and deep in taste, with good finish. Light golden "chacha" is recommended to drink at 10–14°.  The drink is produced of ethyl alcohol, sugar syrup and soft water belnd. Production storing temperature from +5° c to +25° c Teliani Valley was founded in 1997 on the basis of “Teliani Winery of Vintage Wines”, which was built in 19th century in Tsinandali, in the neighborhood of Teliani’s vineyards. Tsinandali, due to peculiarities of its soil and microclimate, has always been the center of Georgian viticulture. Here in 1886-1887, at the place of the old wine cellar and winery of Prince Alexander Chavchavadze, a two-storey, 150 thousand-bucket winery was built by the decree of the Russian Emperor’s brother Michael Romanov. In 1891 Mossano, French winemaker from Bordeaux was invited to this cellar.


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